Edmiston and private wine club Crurated partner to create the perfect pairing

Fine wine and yachting meet to provide luxury experiences you won’t find anywhere else

A new partnership between Edmiston and fine wine connoisseurs Crurated opens a world of unique sensory experiences up for superyacht clients looking to elevate their travels in terms of sophistication, indulgence, and cultural awareness.

Founded in 2021, Crurated is a members-only digital wine club that is disrupting the market of fine and rare products and experiences.

It provides direct-from-source access to the most sought-after bottles of wine in the world, cultivating relationships between the winemaker and wine lover that yields profound appreciation for every bottle, and provenance is assured by NFTs and blockchain technology.

Now, thanks to a brand-new partnership, Edmiston clients can enjoy access to some of the world’s most exclusive wines, from never-before-released magnums of Charles Lachaux to bespoke wine tastings and vineyard tours in some of the world’s most revered wine-making regions.

The synergy between wine and yachting is undeniable, says Angelo Alimonti, VP Experiences at Crurated: “As a company, we believe that great bottles open the door to new cultures, provide the backbone to exquisite meals, and create unforgettable moments amongst those who pop their corks.

Through the new partnership, Edmiston clients can enjoy private wine tastings on board or reap the benefits of a curated yachting itinerary with stops at renowned wineries, where some of the world’s greatest winemakers can share their stories.

As well as memberships and exclusive experiences, Edmiston and Crurated clients can also secure top producers’ rarest cuvees prior to market release through fractional barrel sales, where successful bidders can choose their favourite format to have their rare wine, otherwise not available on the market, bottled.

Jamie Edmiston says wine and yachting make the perfect pairing, with wine expertise and insight enhancing the enjoyment and understanding our guests have of the places they visit.

To find out more about Edmiston and the private wine club Crurated, please contact us now.


19 July 2023

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