Edmiston and Levidian unite for a greener future

This innovative partnership towards decarbonising the yachting industry

Edmiston and British climate tech business Levidian Nanosystems have launched a “first-of-its-kind” collaboration that will both support Edmiston’s journey towards achieving net zero and aid the development of decarbonisation within the yacht sector.

Levidian Nanosystems’ patented LOOP device technology cracks methane into hydrogen and carbon, locking the carbon into high-quality green graphene.

At just one atom thick, graphene is the thinnest material known to man, and yet incredibly strong – about 200 times stronger than steel. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and can reduce friction.

“Graphene will have a number of marine applications and it has the potential to be an important part of decarbonising the maritime sector,” says John Hartley, Levidian’s Chief Executive.

“Our LOOP technology not only offers a green route to producing graphene, but it also offers the ability to rapidly decarbonise some of the heavy industries that are behind the yachts we see today.”

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston commented: “When I was first introduced to Levidian in 2020, I was hugely impressed with the technology and the team behind it.”

“There are clear applications for Levidian’s technology in the maritime sector, and we look forward to working with Levidian as Edmiston works forward towards net zero.”

We’re excited for Levidian to support Edmiston’s journey towards net zero, and its pursuit of decarbonisation both within Edmiston and in the yachting industry more broadly.

For further information on Levidian please visit their website or get in touch with marketing@edmiston.com.


04 May 2022

Written by:

Caroline Munier