Don’t miss David Yarrow at the Maddox Gallery, sponsored by Edmiston

There’s still time to see the incredible Storytelling exhibition by the internationally renowned fine art photographer David Yarrow in London

Glasgow-born David Yarrow is a masterful photographer. He is renowned for his skill at capturing immersive images (largely in black and white) of a range of subjects, from animals in the wild to big-screen characters.

In his latest solo exhibition, Storytelling, at London’s Maddox Gallery until 27 November, Yarrow is taking over three floors of Maddox’s new Mayfair gallery at 12 Berkeley Street, showcasing iconic images such as the transfixing stare of a lone wolf in from of the New York Stock Exchange in The Wolf of Wall Street, which comments on the ruthlessness of the industry to which Yarrow once belonged, alongside three brand-new works.

Shot in September 2023 and premiering in London, the new works starring iconic British models Cara Delevingne and David Gandy pay homage to two very English productions: Peaky Blinders and Oliver Twist.

Yarrow says these pieces are like a love letter to a London of long ago, evoking the Roaring Twenties, an era where “grit and glamour forged an unlikely alchemy.”

Of his casting choices he says: “Choosing iconic British supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne – a quintessential London girl – as my lead was one of the easier decisions of my career. Meanwhile, David Gandy is my favourite male lead to work with – he always nails it and gives his all.”

From narrative-driven masterpieces like this to sublime nature shots, Yarrow is truly gifted in the art of storytelling. He is exclusively represented in the UK by Maddox Gallery and Edmiston is the proud sponsor of Maddow Gallery.

In addition to the exciting exhibition, Edmiston is proud to announce a unique collaboration with Maddox Gallery and Farnborough airport, the leading airport in Europe for premium air travel, that is bringing Yarrow’s extraordinary work to the passenger terminal and the radar tower. Guests travelling through the Edmiston’s VIP lounge can see life through his contemporary lens as they arrive.

Talk to your broker about arranging of viewing of David Yarrow’s Storytelling exhibition in London.


21 November 2023

Written by:

Caroline Munier