Yacht Charter in Asia

Setting your sights further afield for some winter sun becomes all the more appealing when enjoyed from the luxury of a private charter yacht. Explore Buddhist temples, bustling markets, vibrant cities and powder-white beaches, before returning to the comfort of your own superyacht.

Charters in Asia are as much about island-hopping as they are about ticking off the main sights and cities. Cruise the picture-postcard beaches of the Andaman coast, go scuba diving in the Similan Islands, or venture to the remote Pacific atolls for balmy days of swimming and unwinding.

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Yacht Charter in Asia

Indian Ocean

Superb powder-white beaches, stunning coral reefs, lush tropical vegetation and crystal-clear seas epitomise the picture-postcard beauty of the Indian Ocean. There are wonderful reasons why its islands are a favoured destination, and what better way to experience these oceanic havens than by yacht

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South-East Asia

Located on the sparkling blue waters of the Malay Peninsula of the Andaman Sea, Thailand's Phuket, Similan and Phi Phi Islands, and Malaysia's Langkawi, offer an irresistible combination of breathtaking landscapes, renowned hospitality, superb snorkelling, diving and robust cuisine.

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Chartering a yacht in Asia

Chartering a yacht in Asia allows you to explore this immensely varied continent in a whole new way, perhaps revisiting places you’ve been long ago, or perhaps discovering them for the first time. Perhaps you’re content island hopping around the powder-white beaches of Thailand, or you’re after the cultural immersion of Papa New Guinea. Maybe you’d like to visit a local market and would like to pick up some fresh ingredients for your chef to prepare on board that evening. Whatever you’re hoping to get out of a superyacht holiday in Asia, there are many charter options at your fingertips: and Edmiston’s expert team of brokers will be able to arrange the ultimate adventure for you and your party.

Asia Yacht Charter Experts Advice

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Holidays to Asia can feel a little overwhelming without the right planning, and comfortable and luxurious transport can often be a key part of this. With your own superyacht, you’ve got a ready-made means of cruising from charming port town to secluded bay to remote island in a single day. This expert intel is especially helpful in Asia, where a person on the ground with years of local experience can totally transform a trip. Perhaps you’re wondering where the most stunning waterfall, accessible temple or secluded beach can be found.

Perhaps you’re wondering where the most stunning waterfall, accessible temple or secluded beach can be found. With Edmiston’s knowledgeable and well-travelled yachting crew, you can be sure you’ll be going straight to the greatest spots and in-the-know hidden gems.

Back on the ground in our Head Offices, Edmiston’s knowledgeable team of charter brokers and destination experts are unrivalled when it comes to organising the best superyacht holiday imaginable in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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At Edmiston, our experienced team pride themselves on knowing which destinations are up-and-coming. The thousands of miles of Southeast Asian coastline is simply teeming with these secret spots: the next famous holiday locations, which right now are full of character and charm. The joy of being under your own steam on a superyacht is being able to bypass the tourist traps and seek out the most magical experiences, and this is never truer in places like Bali, Thailand and Fiji.

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Alongside expert guidance, you can start weaving together a bucket list of remarkable experiences into one epic trip: world-famous beaches close to Phuket and Koh Phi Phi, fine dining experiences and some of the most luxurious spas in the world can all feature in the same epic yachting holiday.

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A luxury yacht charter in South-East Asia

A yacht offers a unique lifestyle, with luxury amenities and the freedom to explore the seas and coastlines of Asia from top to bottom. Through Edmiston, discover the world's largest fleet of luxury yachts, expertly curated by yacht management specialists and brokers, available to charter in some of the most sought-after destinations in Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the atolls of the Pacific.

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