Experience a luxury yacht charter through the senses with Edmiston

Experience a luxury yacht charter through the senses with Edmiston

Picture yourself immersed within the tranquil scenery and vibrant colours of picturesque towns in the Mediterranean; take your taste buds on a culinary journey through the flavours of Europe; or simply relax and unwind, feeling the gentle sea breeze and sun against your skin while experiencing the pleasures of your yacht’s amenities and surroundings.

Our senses enrich our daily experiences by guiding the lifestyle choices we make as we seek to create new and unforgettable memories with the ones we love. Every moment onboard becomes a sensory delight, adding another dimension to travel through the wonderful world of luxury yacht charter.

Sea the world

One of the most exciting aspects of a yacht charter is seeing things that are firsts for us. Whether that’s the beautiful scenery and beaches of Majorca, architecture from the Ancient Roman Empire, vibrant Spanish cultures, or famous artworks at galleries—from Raphael to Picasso, and everything in between.

Go ashore onboard WAYFINDER’s tender and explore the aristocratic capital of the Cyclades, Syros. Lose yourself in the alleyways of the atmospheric hilltop old town of Ano Syros and enjoy romantic midnight strolls past the neoclassical mansions of Vaporia. To make the most of nature, hike between the seaside fishing villages of Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera, taking in the breathtaking views along the coast and colourful houses throughout the region.

Wayfinder Yacht's Tender
Wayfinder Yacht

For the adventurer, wake up at sunrise and take VENTUM MARIS’ stand-up paddle boards and kayaks around the picturesque and sometimes completely empty bays of Miljet, Croatia, hearing birds chirping and calm winds grazing the glassy water. Snorkel in the brilliant blue waters of Crete, swimming alongside the colourful aquatic life within the coral reef and rocky underwater formations.

Silver Fox Yacht

The Mediterranean continues to remain one the most popular destinations for luxury superyachts, and for good reason; it’s home to some of the greatest coastline vistas in the world. Edmiston offers an extensive range of charter yachts that appeal to the senses, available for the 2024 summer season, from the more traditional and classical style that MALAHNE offers to the design and engineering marvel that is SAVANNAH.

Motor Yacht Savannah
Motor Yacht Savannah Lifestyle

Whether you seek to be surrounded by the quiet bays and rock formations in the Aeolian Islands, the picture-postcard buildings in Positano, or the bustling ports of the South of France, experience it with Edmiston.

Tasting your way through Europe

A highlight of any charter holiday is the chance to experience new tastes and smells. Whether dining ashore, sampling the local gastronomies, fresh ingredients, and unique wines, or staying onboard, your very own chef will do everything possible to enhance your time, creating experiences that go far beyond the simple act of eating. They incorporate local ingredients, often stopping fishermen out at sea and buying fish that has just been caught, or picking up fresh artisan produce, breads, and cheese at markets that you only thought existed in the movies, serving up inventive dishes that infuse local flavours and methods of cooking.

SEVERIN*S’ chef runs masterclasses onboard, drawing upon his Italian heritage and passion for cooking, teaching guests to make fresh pasta, which brings the whole family together. RESILIENCE’s chef loves to utilise the sundeck BBQ onboard, where the aroma of slow cooked meat, steaks, lobster, and seafood sizzles away, building appetites, while creating a truly immersive and social experience for guests while they travel through stunning regions.

Severin's Yacht

For those who wish to venture on land for a true taste and experience of local life, there are endless gastronomy experiences available. From fine dining at exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants like Es Tragón in Ibiza, truffle hunting in Croatia’s Istria peninsula, to authentic street food such as the Neapolitan in Naples, the home of pizza.

Resilience Motor Yacht

The sound of…

As you escape busy city life, the chaotic sound of home disappears, and instead, it’s replaced with the sound of your new surroundings. Hear the waves roll in, crashing against the coastline and side of the yacht, native birds flying by, and the wind whistling through the air as you lounge on sunbeds, reading a book. Bliss.

Depending on where and when you charter, there are endless festivals, concerts, and live performances on offer, such as the Sani Festival, Nice Jazz Festival and Cannes Film Festival, providing you with a chance to be immersed in the arts. When booking your charter, our team can create an itinerary that ensures any of the events you may be interested in work with your sailing route, adding another dimension to your time onboard.

Sunrays Yacht

For those who want to party, SUNRAYS is equipped with a music and sky deck, featuring an integrated disco system, giving you a private party onboard ready for you to dance the night away.

And if you’re after some quality family movie time, sit back and get cosy in front of the largest hidden outdoor C-SEED TV in the world on LADY S.

Experiences through touch

Lie down, relax and unwind as any tension you’re feeling slowly drifts away as qualified masseuses work their magic through therapeutic massages and healing stones.

LADY BRITT and SAMADHI are all equipped with top-of-the range massage rooms, giving you a much-needed escape and quiet time for yourself. If you’re looking to combine a treatment with exploration, there are many famous spa retreats to add to your journey, such as the Capri Palace in Italy and the Odéon in Monaco.

Lady Britt

Bask in the sun and feel the ocean breeze against your skin on the expansive decks of ARBEMA, SILVER FOX and PREFERENCE 19.

Once you’ve got your tanning in and you’re ready to cool off, jump into the pool of PHOENIX 2 and LADY S. And when the sun comes down, unwind in the spas of MARIU.

Arbema Yacht
silver fox

Whether you’re wanting to explore the ancient ruins of Greece, sample your way through Italy’s famed dishes, or simply relax to the sound of waves lapping against the yacht while you sunbath under the Mediterranean sun, a luxury yacht charter should be on your cards this year.

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08 March 2024

Written by:

Jack Hartley