Yacht Crew Management

The enjoyment of your superyacht depends heavily on the excellence of your crew. Edmiston Yacht Management’s crew recruitment and management services will help ensure your crew run like a well-oiled machine.

Working with the Edmiston Crew Team and their extensive database of qualified crew, we can recruit the most professional, experienced and simply superb crew, whilst ensuring a low turnover rate. We thoroughly check applicants’ certifications and references, and we will conduct interviews and evaluations to find your superyacht the best team.

Reliable Yacht Crew

Yacht Crew Certification and Training

Edmiston coordinates training to keep captains and crew current on their certificates. Edmiston Yacht Management knows the importance of a well-trained and practiced crew and is ready to use its experience and network of contacts to create the right team.

We are well versed in working with Captains and Owners to create the right culture and skill sets to suit a yacht’s exacting needs.

Yacht Crew Training Requirements

Yacht Safety Crew Training Overview

  • Establishment of the chain of command & crew standing orders
  • Practical training to cover emergency scenarios including:
  • Missing or kidnapped person
  • Grounding / collision / flood / fire/ man overboard
  • Injury/accident
  • Emergency with water toys & equipment
  • Medical evacuation from guest cabins/areas
  • MARPOL incident
  • Debriefing analysis
  • Creation of interactive yacht-specific emergency procedure manual


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