Central and South America

Looking for something a little different? Central and South America offers incredible adventure, variety and richness of culture. 

Charter with Edmiston in this region and discover wildlife and scenery that few people will have experienced. A single charter can include remote ports, vibrant cities, breath taking natural harbours and scenery to make the heart sing. 

Sea of Cortez Mexico
Yacht sailing in Mexico

Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is the richest body of water in the world supporting over 2,900 species of fish and mammals. Come to a place where blue whales, sharks, barracuda, wahoo and marlin swim in what is known as nature’s aquarium. Cruise around the coast to the Baja Peninsula and get the best of both worlds with the hedonism of Cabo San Lucas and the elegant tranquility of your yacht. This is an incredibly spectacular location with sportfishing tournaments, beach clubs, nightclubs, golf courses and Michelin star restaurants.


Belize yacht charters are the stuff of treasure island fantasies, with over 400 cays and islets scattered off the coast of the Central American country, which itself is wedged between Mexico and Guatemala. It’s a place where you can easily lose yourself for weeks on end, dropping anchor in a secret bay or mooring up to trek amid lush rainforest to find spine-tingling ancient ruins.

Costa Rica

Known for its sustainable tourism, rich biodiversity, steaming volcanoes, lush jungle and world-class surfing, Costa Rica, that Central American country cocooned between Panama and Nicaragua, is a yacht charter destination with a lot of heart and soul.

A Costa Rica yacht charter is perfect for adventure-seekers who want to explore more – you can dive into underwater caves to discover new worlds, or hike amid protected wilderness where you may have a close encounter with a foraging giant anteater or a loafing sloth.

Iguanas on rocks viewed from a yacht
Yacht with charter guest on the beach with sea lions


Engage in a staring match (and lose) with an iguana, sunbathe next to the sea lions, take a photograph of the family with a penguin standing innocently in the group – visiting these islands will leave you with stories to tell for the rest of your life.

Aria amazon yacht sailing in the Amazon
Green frog in the Amazon


Sailing the Amazon, it will become clear that you are travelling where few have gone before. In fact, you will become one of only a handful of seasoned world travellers who have ever visited the remote Pacaya Samiria Reserve. Discover a world of birds in neon-brilliant colours, playful monkeys, graceful hawks and herons and millions of butterflies. Life teems all around you in this five-million-acre reserve, really a flooded forest, roughly the size of a Central American country.

Rio carnival in Brazil
View of Rio de Janeiro city at sunset


The Coco Islands, off the West coast of Costa Rica, are amongst the finest scuba diving grounds in the world. Bajo Alcyone is like a permanent rush hour for hammerhead sharks. Other species include tiger, silky, blacktip and even the rare guitar shark.

Patagonia mountains and sea at sunset
View of Patagonia’s mountains from the deck of a yacht


Heli-ski in the most exclusive locations in the Andes, fly fish in places man has never been before, and awaken your senses with a unique gastronomic adventure including a repertoire of salmon, grouper, sea urchin, krill, crab cake, red meat and game birds.

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