Australia and New Zealand

Lush forests, amazing wildlife, and the greatest aquarium in the world. Both Australia and New Zealand offer so much for the adventure-seeking charterer. 

Both countries were built around great natural harbours, and, if you can drag yourself from their environs, the local waters offer a wealth of life-enhancing experience.

Leaving to one side the well-documented attractions of the Great Barrier Reef, you can follow in the wake of the world’s most famous explorers as you rediscover tiny islands, tropical coastlines, legendary dive spots and sealife and wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.   

Fish on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Family and koala bear


The Great Barrier Reef is the largest in the world stretching for over 2,600 miles. It is home to 900 islands, 2,900 reefs and 1,500 fish species. From 5cm bait fish to 5 metre sharks – of which there are 160 species.

On Hamilton Island, the Qualia Resort has a beautiful spa, a golf course, a nature park where you can meet the koalas and a very highly-rated restaurant. Cruise to the surreal Whitehaven Beach, snorkel ashore and walk to Tongue Point. Take a private helicopter to the Hardie Shallows flying over the famous Heart Reef.

Sailing yacht in the sea near the New Zealand islands
New Zealand all blacks performing the haka

New Zealand

The two islands of New Zealand have some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world. Cruise to Auckland and fly down to Marlborough for a wine tasting tour. Return and make for Waiheke in the Bay of Islands, a place that answers the question “what would happen if you fused the Hamptons with Ibiza and added a touch of Nantucket?”. Get reservations for The Oyster Inn, a very special little restaurant. This is the king of bohemia. Other recommendations include Cable Bay Winery (a restaurant) and Oneroa Beach (a bay).

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