Close encounters of the sunshine kind  photo 1

Close encounters of the sunshine kind

As winter winds start to blow into Europe, Edmiston clients can sail away for southern latitude sunshine. We certainly have some amazing adventures lined-up.

Across the globe, the sun never sets on the Edmiston charter map. It also never sets when you charter Planet Nine in Antarctica. With 24 hours of daylight in January, this is the chance of a lifetime to explore the world’s most challenging (and rewarding) environment. Hot sun, warm water, cool yachts – visit the rebuilt Caribbean, scuba dive in the Seychelles or fly out to Polynesia and cruise in the gorgeousness of Pacific archipelagos. Where you would like to go and what you would like to do? Or approach that from another perspective – let us do the thinking and you can do the choosing.

Savannah In the Indian Ocean

There are some people who feel Savannah is a destination in its own right. A yacht that is so special that just being aboard is like being on a fantasy island. So add in some fantasy islands and life gets somewhat surreal.
Nosy Iranja off Madagascar is interesting – two islands connected by a low-tide sandbar. Take the tender with snorkelling gear and shoes for ambling through the local craft markets. Nosy Komba – feed the ultra tame lemurs and you have a friend for life. They will drive you bananas – there, we said it. Miavana – one of the most spectacular island resort spas with a private helicopter for investigating the rainforest, a top spa for revitalisation and organic cuisine with ingredients from its own farm.
Very little can compare to the experience of being aboard Savannah. The sun setting over a ten-metre pool; the Nemo room with views half above and half below sea level; stargazing through the oval skylight in the curvaceous master bedroom; cruising in total serene silence powered by one million watts of electricity.
Captain Alasdair Jones and Josephine de Luca are a wonderful team on an amazing yacht in an extraordinary location. You cannot beat them – join them.
84m / 273ft, 2015, Feadship, 12 guests, from €1million per week

Seychelles spas and islands

Zil Payson on Félicité – Set overlooking the giant boulder-strewn beach Zil is rapidly gaining a reputation as the elite Seychelles spa of choice. Indulge on the yacht, detox in the spa.
North and Fregate – A choice of two private islands created to totally reset your mind and body. Together with a yacht, you may have hit on the high point of what life on earth can offer.

Mothership cruise – Sail around Mahe, Praslin and La Digue deciding on the impossible – which is your favourite beach? Picnic on the beach, snorkel or scuba, take the tender to land on micro islets, hike the hills, film your experiences.

If you want to cruise more in the maldives than on seychellois savannah, we have two excellent yachts in the eastern indian ocean – 73 metre titania and 55 metre lili.

Redecorated to an elegant tropical island style, Titania is now the yacht she always promised to be. From beach club,
pools, slides and sports equipment to dining in the sunshine, shade or inside, this impressive yacht is like a private resort surrounded by the turquoise shallows of the Maldives. Lili has classic contemporary chic – beautifully furnished, she is arguably the finest yacht of her size. The skylounge cinema and 175 square metre sun deck are particularly special spaces.

Titania 73m / 240ft, 2006 / 2018, 12 guests,
from us$490,000 per week

Lili 55m / 180ft, 2017, Amels, 12 guests,
from €290,000 per week

Maldives spas and islands

Many say this resort is the yardstick by which others are measured. So going to the best makes sense. Thanks to the Edmiston partnership with One&Only, our clients receive very special privileges.

The cool set seem to go here. Underwater spa, chef’s tasting kitchen, the resort provides privacy and experiences equally well.

New in 2018. Italian ultra lux castaway living.

The architecture has to be seen to be believed. Join the marine biologists, try out six alternative dining options and the six treatment spa centre.

Maybe you just want to party. If so, here is the best
party island in the Indian ocean.

The Pacific

Finding the most inspiring islands within 60 million square miles of ocean is a heck of a challenge.
Fortunately, Edmiston has the inside knowledge to guide you through the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Society Islands, Vanuatu and other archipelagos with their so extraordinary cultures and customs.

Traditional elegance and sumptuous comfort. 65m / 213ft, 2006, Feadship, 12 guests,
from US$415,000 per week

The go-anywhere, do-anything adventure yacht. 63m / 208ft, 1978 / 2016, Halter Marine, 12 guests,
from US$350,000 per week


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