Edmiston Intelligence 2017 - Edition 9

2017 EDITION 9 PAGE 1 DATA BANK PAGE 2 BROKERAGE PAGE 10 LARGE YACHT CONSTRUCTION PAGE 12 DISCOVERY YACHTS PAGE 20 SAILS VALUE PAGE 22 ST BARTHS PAGE 24 WINTER CHARTER T H E B U S I N E S S O F Y A C H T I N G THE EDMISTON FEADSHIP FANTASTIC FOUR Four Feadships for sale from vintage to Vantage THE DEEP BLUE WIDER ZULU Three excellent yachts, three different decades, three alternative hulls BUYING OR BUILDING THE 80 METRE CONUNDRUM How to own one of the world’s top 100 yachts DISCOVERY YACHTS DESIGN BY NUMBERS A nine-point insight before you begin and 12 yachts to consider before you go further THE €88 MILLION SAILING YACHT 8 ALTERNATIVE IDEAS When you can have everything some things are priceless WINTER CHARTER AROUND THE WORLD From St Barths to the Seychelles, we preview some amazing locations DISCOVERY YACHTS AND THE FACTOR DISCOVERY YACHTS FOR SALE AND TO BUILD FOR ADVENTURE FROM THE POLES TO THE EQUATOR AFTER THE STORM THE CALM. WHERE TO CRUISE THIS WINTER.