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Edmiston is the most recognised brand in yachting. With a global reach that covers Europe, the US, Mexico, and Asia, as well as the more intimate yachting corners of the world, the Edmiston brand gives clients powerful and comprehensive sales and marketing support.

Our advertising, brochures, website and yacht shows cover every aspect of buying, selling, chartering and the construction of a new yacht. The Edmiston identity

Our brand is about far more than just identity, though. The gathering of hard information, the perceptive search for intelligence and the communication of insight, are fundamental to the way we work. Edmiston is highly competitive and determined to succeed for our clients. It is a matter of principle.

Yacht Charter Guest


Intense competition has made yachting a challenging commodity to sell: relaxing on a beautiful yacht in a sparkling Mediterranean sea, whale shark scuba diving in Raja Ampat, dinner on the aft deck at sunset, at anchor off the party island of St Barths – all sublime.

The Business of Yachting is about marketing the yacht that makes this all possible. For over two decades Edmiston has consistently led the industry with ideas that sell.

Edmiston E100

The Edmiston Book

The Edmiston 100 is now established as the definitive guide to charter worldwide. Our fleet includes every conceivable size and style from long range cruising to performance motor, sail, contemporary and classic yachts.

Of the 100 selected yachts as many as 30 are new to the list each year. Quality is the defining factor and we investigate everything from cuisine, sports equipment and crew, to the amount of guest space, where the yacht was originally built and how well it has been maintained.

Spectacular worldwide destination guides include hot spots on the Cote d’Azur, the Balearics and the Costa Smeralda as well as Italy, Greece and Turkey. For the winter we have yachts in the Caribbean, Maldives and Thailand. More clients are looking for adventures to distant locations and Edmiston world embraces some of the most intriguing locations such as the Pacific islands, Australia, South East Asia and even Greenland and Antarctica. Every yacht and destination has been seen first hand by our brokers.

E100 Publication covers

Edmiston Intelligence & The EI Bulletin

In a world where it is hard to tell fact from fiction, Edmiston Intelligence combines market information with commentary and insight from our worldwide brokers. We also take in the expertise of leading industry professionals.

While yachting is of course about pleasure, we recognise that the business element – buying, selling, managing and chartering – is key to decision making. This is the focus of Edmiston Intelligence – the Business of Yachting.

Published four times a year, Intelligence is available both as a broadsheet delivered to your door and a digital flip-book. Articles range from what to buy, where to build, where to charter and what to do when you arrive. Analysis of the markets by country, sector, size and style gives clients a real insight as to what is going on across the industry.

Edmiston presents a clear synopsis of every subject: background information, facts, comparisons and conclusions. Read Intelligence, talk to our brokers and be informed about the issues.

Drawing from Edmiston Intelligence, whilst updating readers on current news, events and deals, the EI Bulletin is our twice-monthly newsletter, hitting the phones, tablets and desktops of thousands of well-informed people around the world.   

74 meters 32 knots enigma

Advertising and PR

Award-winning advertising in some of the most widely read magazines and newspapers plays a significant role in the high visibility of the Edmiston brand.

Strategic and tactical campaigns allow us to have a rapid response to opportunities to promote our client’s yachts National and local media place Edmiston advertising in front of clients when they are at their most receptive. PR articles work alongside the advertising ensuring that our message for each client’s yacht has the best possible exposure. Read our latest press releases and coverage here.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – social media is a social phenomenon and Edmiston has one of the biggest followings in the yacht industry. Our Instagram account has become a networking centre with over 30,000 followers. We carefully manage the profile of a client’s yacht for the degree of exposure required for a given objective.

Our distinctive logo and identity create the best platform for getting the message across. For charter, sale or just a targeted awareness campaign, our social media strategy has become an important additional media channel.

Yacht shows

Edmiston attends all of the major charter and brokerage yacht shows worldwide. The unique Edmiston Quay at Monaco and Fort Lauderdale is the focus for all our activities.

Hospitality goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that potential buyers have the benefit of a guided tour by an expert Edmiston broker.

Whether the objective is to sell, assist clients with purchase, market yachts for charter or to introduce clients to shipyards, Edmiston is a high profile presence on the front line of yacht marketing. Contact your Edmiston broker or call any of our offices for more details about either attending or displaying your yacht at a show.

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