Edmiston Monte Carlo - Office & People

Overlooking the Port of Monaco, Edmiston Monte Carlo is the center for Charter, Sales and Management operations in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

  • Jamie Edmiston
    Jamie Edmiston
    Chief Executive
  • Nicholas Edmiston
    Nicholas Edmiston
  • Ashley Field
    Ashley Field
    Financial Director
  • Jacqueline Lyne
    Jacqueline Lyne
    Yacht Management Director
  • Alex Busher
    Alex Busher
    Sales Broker
  • Jonathan Barbe
    Jonathan Barbe
    Sales Broker
  • Tomaso Polli
    Tomaso Polli
    Sales Broker
  • Nathan Farrelly
    Nathan Farrelly
    Sales Broker
  • Cornelius Gerling
    Cornelius Gerling
    Sales Broker
  • Alex Koersvelt
    Alex Koersvelt
    Sales Broker
  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd
    Sales Broker
  • Hans van Doornmalen
    Hans van Doornmalen
    Sales Representative
  • Anne Lebernicheux
    Anne Lebernicheux
    Charter Broker
  • Vanessa Lebreton
    Vanessa Lebreton
    Charter Broker
  • Armelle Field
    Armelle Field
    Charter Broker
  • Lea Tintaud
    Lea Tintaud
    Charter Broker
  • Mia Davitti
    Mia Davitti
    Charter Assistant
  • Michaela  Beitz Biggi
    Michaela  Beitz Biggi
    Head of Charter Fleet Management
  • Charlotte Seabridge
    Charlotte Seabridge
    Charter Fleet Manager
  • Virginia Putignani
    Virginia Putignani
    Charter Fleet Manager
  • Julie Rozes
    Julie Rozes
    Charter Fleet Assistant
  • Sofia  Fast
    Sofia  Fast
    Marketing Executive
  • Caroline Munier
    Caroline Munier
    Marketing Assistant
  • Frank Liotardo
    Frank Liotardo
    Head of Design
  • Verena Meyer
    Verena Meyer
    Listings Analyst
  • Catherine Brown
    Catherine Brown
    Listings Assistant
  • Timon Fisher
    Timon Fisher
    Deputy to Jacqueline Lyne
  • Ian Goodland
    Ian Goodland
  • Victoria Wood
    Victoria Wood
    Yacht Manager
  • Stephanie Rosta
    Stephanie Rosta
    Yacht Manager
  • Lena Sundell
    Lena Sundell
    Yacht Manager
  • Evgeniya Blandeau
    Evgeniya Blandeau
    Yacht Manager
  • Richard Forward
    Richard Forward
    Yacht Manager
  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis
    Technical Manager
  • Sylvie Chapel
    Sylvie Chapel
    Accounts Manager
  • Christine Garrec
    Christine Garrec
    Accounts Manager
  • Ilia Ferdinand
    Ilia Ferdinand
    Accounts Manager
  • Andrea Facey
    Andrea Facey
    New Construction Assistant
  • Helen Forward
    Helen Forward
    Performance & Development Manager
  • Dalila Salah
    Dalila Salah
    Financial Controller
  • Myriam Bieth
    Myriam Bieth
    Charter Accounts
  • Farid El Khazzar
    Farid El Khazzar
    Accounts Assistant
  • Jelena Kecina
    Jelena Kecina
    PA to Nicholas Edmiston
  • Carly Ratcliff
    Carly Ratcliff
    PA to Jacqueline Lyne
  • Elizabeth O'Neill
    Elizabeth O'Neill
    Brokerage Assistant
  • Alex  Clericy
    Alex  Clericy
    Office Project Manager
  • Alice Colyer
    Alice Colyer
    Sales Assistant
  • Mascha Doyle
    Mascha Doyle